Stickers and screen-name hacks in Paraguay

Girls with their custom XOs

Two girls with custom XOs

Customized Sugar desktop

Customized Sugar desktop

The Paraguay deployment has been growing quickly, with help from OLPC world-traveller Bernie Innocenti.  Students there are trying out the latest build of Sugar (0.84), with its dual-desktop (Gnome and Sugar).  They are the first school to test out recent efforts to backport that release to the XO-1.  Their motivation to install the update?  They absolutely love the GNOME desktop backgrounds and screensavers.

They also are expert at customizing their XOs, with stickers, screennames that span many lines to make ascii art, and iconic backgrounds (using the freeform icon layout).  Bernie also reports on the programs they use most, and on how they are learning to modify the software on their machines.

For regular updates from the field, and lessons in English and Spanish computer slang, follow along on his travelog.

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