Newsletter, take 2: update for January 25

The latest issue of the new OLPC newsletter is out. I’m trying out different layouts for an archive, including having select past stories show up each week at the end.

As always, feedback on design and story selection are welcome. Current requests include a way to browse the newsletter online without leaving some sort of story navigation (with some sort of floating TOC?)

For the early-Feb edition we will try to gather & discuss stories and images in advance in the OLPC newsroom.  Please submit your muck-raking, globe-trotting, xo-loving ideas and links there.

January 25, 2010
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2 thoughts on “Newsletter, take 2: update for January 25

  1. I am an educational consultant and I think your laptops have been given to a school I trained in the high mountains of Haiti. I am presently trying to assist and help one of the two only Haitian vocational schools to survive. It has not been destroyed and it needs to restart courses. Some computers in the five existing labs fell during the quake and are not usable. Would you be able to donate some 35 laptops to HAITITEC located in BLdg 28 at the Industrial Park, near the airport, in Haiti, so that we can motivate students to get back to school and see a brighter future. The schools has a telecom program and a computer training program and 70% of the students are registered in either one of these fields. THe 350 students in the school all use the internet regularly for their research and your assistance would be of great importance. Thank you in advance for the interest you will show to this request and for any donation you will accept to make to this registered school which was created with the support of some American Citizens and Haitian professionals. Please accept my regards.

    Michaelle Auguste Saint-Natus

    N.B.. Please note that in the case of HAITITEC the type of laptops we would need are regular laptops. Each classe has 35 kids and the school has permanent administrative staff members guiding them day and night. I will be glad to get your comments and answer (negative or positive) regarding my request. The needs are pressing as we are trying to start school early april.

    • Michaelle, at the moment we only work with schools using XO laptops. There are other programs such as the World Computer Exchange that may be able to help you. Regards and best wishes in your work, SJ

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