Help Craft our NEW Mini-Deployment Guide

Community Invitation: Washington, DC – Sept 6-11, 2009
During the second week of September, the OLPC/Sugar Community will be coming together in Washington, DC to create a Mini-Deployment Guide.  Tentatively named “Class Acts,” this succinct book will provide technically curious teachers with plans and suggestions for jumpstarting 21st century learning in their schools using XO Laptops.  It’ll be an illustrated document, short and professional, focusing on success stories from smaller rollouts around the world.  This powerful idea came together from Support Gang community volunteers wanting to share our greatest classroom/support success stories, into one action-provoking document. Let us spur others to build their own success stories – with innovative solutions in turn driving more grassroots innovation!

Class Acts

Creating this Mini-Deployment Guide will be a massive and euphoric undertaking. We invite all those who want to take part in this Community Book Sprint to email holt @ or grassroots @, explaining how your bookwriting talents will catalyze teachers worldwide!  Business hours September 6th to 11th will be dedicated to intensive development of the guide, with evenings reserved for socializing and exploring.  Evening events will be open to non-contributors as well, please feel free to join us for some very memorable OLPC/Sugar Learning Environment Fun!

Jump in, this water is PERFECT…

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