Food Force 2 makes waves

A view of goods available in the market

A view of goods available in the market

Food Force 2, an open source sequel to the World Food Program’s popular Food Force game, is available to try out with complete art and storyboard.   The game leads players through improving the health, shelter, education, and other elements of a small community.

The game has been under development for the XO since our second Game Jam, and gameplay and collaboration are still being worked on.   The latest beta was tested in a school this month at the Delhi Police Public School, facilitated by Vijit Singh.

Congratulations to developers Manu Gupta, Mohit Taneja and Deepank Gupta, and to Silke Buhr who has been the art director and driving force behind the game – it’s looking beautiful.   The team welcomes your suggestions — please download it and give it a spin.

4 thoughts on “Food Force 2 makes waves

  1. We wish to thank you for your great support and feedback.

    We are in the process of finding an artist, who could support us in developing game characters for Food Force II. If you are interested, please send us an e-mail with your past experiences (resume) at foodforce2seetain.

    Thank you.

  2. I liked this game, but I don’t know how to make it to run with my XO, is for a special XO version or build? I’m trying with 8.2

    Do you plan to make the spanish version According to other countries or regions?

    Greetings & Congrat for this really nice Game

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