Using OLPC XO as an ebook reader for O’Reilly’s Safari Books

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It’s been written that the XO-1’s hidden feature is an ebook reader given its high-contrast, high-resolution screen.  Volunteer Tom Robinson has tweaked the XO’s browser so it can read O’Reilly’s Safari Books Online.

Last week I was thinking about how cool it would be if Amazon’s Kindle supported O’Reilly’s Safari Books Online service, and I decided to dust off the XO to see if it could be used as an ebook reader for Safari Books. With a little help, it can.

In ebook mode you can scroll in all four directions, page up/down, and jump to the top or bottom of a page, but you cannot click the next/previous buttons within Safari Books. However, GreaseMonkey and a simple userscript can solve that.


One thought on “Using OLPC XO as an ebook reader for O’Reilly’s Safari Books”

  1. Not sure if you were viewing the “regular” Safari or the mobile, but might be a better experience from an XO.

    You should also check out the mobile version of, which also works quite well on the Kindle browser.

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