Nepal publishes an excellent 7-month retrospective

Bryan Berry of OLE Nepal published a retrospective on their two-school pilot after seven months.  Bashuki and Bishwamitra has been a model example of how to publish feedback and results from a school, from collaboration across multiple mailing lists to publishing photos, customized build images, and new software tools.    They are one of the most innovative small pilots, working toward ambitious short-term goals.  They  developed an entire suite of localized tools, programs and interfaces in a non-trivial new language, invited experts to visit them for weeks and months to advise them, built a local NGO and volunteer internship program to help maintain momentum, and handled in-field customization, school-server setup, and public feedback and reflection, all without significant government support.

Take a quick look at their overview of the past seven months, and read through their blog; it is well worth the time spent.

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