Localizing your XO keyboard

Another quick post in our series on home-brew XO customizations — Bob Chao of CC Taiwan fame shows you how to localize an XO keyboard into Chinese with stickers!   Currently in Chinese; I’ve asked him for an English translation for everyone else who wants to run a little keyboard-customization shop (currently I’ve heard strong requests for German, [extra] Arabic, and Hebrew).

Thanks for the trailblazing, Bob.  If you have a cool hardware hack to show off, leave a comment here or drop me a line!

1 thought on “Localizing your XO keyboard

  1. In Israel all keyboards are bilingual or trilingual. I even saw once a four-language keyboard. Keyboards here are HE/EN by default and sometimes HE/EN(US)/AR. That four-language keyboard I saw was HE/EN(US)/AR/RU.

    Small stickers for keyboards were quite popular about 10 years ago, but I hardly see them anymore. This is probably due to the fact that keyboards of all different types and shapes can be obtained in cheap prices nowadays.

    Another popular solution which is still available in many shops is a plastic cover for the keyboard. You place it on the keyboard in order to localize it. Personally I find it much more convenient than the stickers. Perhaps such covers could be devised for XO keyboard.


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