Welcome to the new OLPC blog

We are moving this blog to blog.laptop.org, and are also reserving blogs.laptop.org for pepole who want their own subdomains; get in touch with me if you have a blog you want to start here.   But we couldn’t wait until everything was in place to start taking down our thoughts and stories.

We could use links to existing stories, pointers to popular posts or press that need clarification, image and photo requests, and stories themselves.  Keep your pencils sharp and your wit dry, and stay tuned…

1 thought on “Welcome to the new OLPC blog

  1. Commmunication tools are the veins that run ideas around in the body of the community, to coin a misshapen metaphor. Seriously now, is this replacing /planet/? You mention /official/… ahem, us volunteers who are friends, how do we become official?

    Oh well, I for one do agree that we do need an official channel of communication, and in that this is a good idea. then finding a suitable balance for feedback and so will make for interesting dynamics. For one thing this could feed an actual, relevant FAQ as questions from the real world get answered, maybe first in the blog and them polished to form a more stable document. Just an idea…

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