Press Release: OLPC Australia to support another 50,000 children

OLPC Australia has put out a press release about the Australian government’s support for 50,000 children. Rangan and Rodrigo are both quoted.

It notes that Independent MP’s Robert Oakeshott and Tony Windsor led the effort to land the grant for OLPC Australia. Nicely done.

2 thoughts on “Press Release: OLPC Australia to support another 50,000 children

  1. Dear Sir,

    You know very well the Afghanistan education condition, but let me give you some brief information. Education in Afghanistan includes K-12 and Higher education, which is supervised by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education in Kabul, Afghanistan. According to the Human Development Index, Afghanistan is the 15th least developed country in the world.
    Afghanistan is one of the worst affected countries by violence against schools, with 670 incidents of attacks on education in 2008. Violence on students have prevented close to 5 million afghan children from attending school in year 2010. In terms of death rates, Afghanistan had 439 teachers, education employees and students killed in 2006-9, one of the highest in the world.
    Since the toppling of the Taliban regime, under the combined efforts of Afghan and international experts, the curriculum has been changed from extremist Islamic teachings to one relatively better with new books, and better training. Yet, there still remains no standard curriculum for secondary school textbooks and high school textbooks remain woefully inadequate in number and content. Beside with Government Education system private schools have been opened. They private schools have got very good reputation and each school has got enough students, but still need to improve the schools systems, facilitate new technologies, and other requirements as the other world students learning.

    Aryob High School has 225 students from primary to 12 classes and located in one the best location of Kabul. Students from the districts 8, 22, 16, 1 and 10 have easily access to the school and attending regular classes. Aryob authority facilitated free admission for about 25 poor families’ students, which they are not in the position to pay fees and other requirements. The rest of the students also provide fees, which cover building rent, teacher and support staff salary, transportation, administration cost and other government taxes such as income tax, water and power bills.

    Aryob High School a leading private school in Kabul herewith, expresses its interest to request for OLPC for the 225 students. We believe this initiative will be an investment on the future of Afghanistan children education with valuable impacts. This programme will create educational opportunities for Afghanistan poorest children by providing self-empowered learning programme and laptop. This programme will transfer the lives of children and their families in Kabul, their positional will be unlocked and a great investment will be made in this country.

    Aryob School Management proudly stands out among all National and International education institutes in Afghanistan as a credible provider of international level education in for afghan children, development of standard curriculum, and introduction of new technology and science lab. AIMS with over 5 years of its educational experience in Afghanistan has managed and develop standard curriculum, facilitated introduction and learning of technology and sport classes and capacity development program for instructors.

    We strongly believe that successful and scalable implementation of this project will be a valuable investment on the future of Afghan children which ultimately contributes to improvement of education and availability of human resources for achieving National and International Development Goals. As Aryob has strong interest and capable to acquire all resources in large scale therefore we would like to seeks the Ministry of Education support and leading role in this initiative.

    We are looking forward to hear from you and serving Afghanistan talented children.

    Shahzad Aryobee
    Aryob High (Private) School
    Kabul, Afghansitan

    • Dear Mr. Aryobee, thank you for this suggestion. We have experienced first hand some of the problems you mention that schools in Afghanistan face. We would very much like to see our programs in Afghanistan expand and flourish; and there is already familiarity with XOs in other schools in Kabul. We will pass on your suggestion to our partner at the Afghan Ministry of Education, Salim Hayran. If your school can finance the program itself, you may be able to get started right away.

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